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Silicone emulsion CONTSIL®-1896

CONTSIL-1896 is the anion emulsion with several dimethyl silicone, silicone viscosity reaches 5 million centipoise or higher, and is a kind of organic silicone conditioner with high performance which is suitable for producing various 2-in-1 shampoos, hair conditioners and bath foams. It contains organic silicone oil with extremely high viscosity, and the high molecule weight provides excellent compatibility and film formation property for hair, and is capable of providing obvious smooth feeling and opsonic nature for hair care products. CONTSIL-1896 is the first kind of big grain size anion emulsified silicone oil at home, and the technical indices of emulsified silicone oil have reached the same level of international big companies, and is used for personal care products.

Dosage: 3-5% of total amount of product

Test Indices:

Appearance:                         cream white viscous emulsion

Viscosity:                            >20000 centipoise (25)

Internal phase silicone oil surface viscosity: about 1000000 centipoise (25)

Silicone oil grain size:               1-50 micron

PH value:                              4-7

Silicone oil content:                  50±2%

Solid content:                         60±2%


1.The silicone oil has big grain size, better spreadability and opsonic nature

2.High compatibility with anion surface active agent. It can be used for shampoo and bath foam

3.Silky and manageable feeling

4.Improve the dry and wet combing property

5.Relieve unmanageable hair

Package: Packed in 100kg plastic barrel.


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