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CONTSIL-273 and CONTSIL-264(L)

CONTSIL-273 and CONTSIL-264(L) are multiple modified silicone, and can enhance the disperse property in water when provide excellent wax feeling. The product has wide application and is suitable for cleaning, polishing and protecting both soft and hard surfaces including floor, furniture, leather, cars and metal. When it is used for leather, it can form protective film on the leather surface, and make leather bright and look new, keep leather smooth and soft with excellent touch feeling. When it is used for wooden furniture, it can make furniture bright and beautiful, protect furniture from chapping, and prolong the service life of furniture.

The differences of CONTSIL-273 and CONTSIL-264(L) is that CONTSIL-273 contains more alkyl, therefore, the solutions of them have different luster and transparency.

Dosage: 3-5% of total amount of product

Technical Indices:

Appearance:                 light yellow to yellow transparent fluid

Viscosity:                   3000-12000 centipoise (25)

Content of Effective Substance:  100%


1.Excellent wax feeling.

2.Excellent brightness.

3.Excellent adhesive property, even extension.

4.Easily disperse in water, convenient for using for different products.

Package: Packed in 60kg or 200kg plastic barrel, special package is provided according to client’s requirements.


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