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silicone elastomer CONTSIL-9046

CONTSIL-9046 is a kind of alkyl modified organic silicone elastomer, and is the disperse system of cross-linked organic silicone in volatile silicone oil. The long chain alkyl of it can increase the compatibility of organic silicone elastomer with skin and can be easily used in the formula. The product features special silky powder feeling, provides special skin feeling which is different from any traditional powder, and is widely used for high grade skin care products.

Dosage: 10-70% of total cream

Test Indices:

 Appearance:                    semi transparent cream

Viscosity:                      ≥20Pa•S(25)

Relative density(d20­4):           0.96-0.98

Content of nonvolatile ingredients:  34±2%

Silicone elastomer granularity:     about 5-20μm

Features: 1.astonished feeling, silky powder

2.Constant smooth and velvet feeling without accumulation

3.Excellent smoothness

4.Matt, non greasy

5.Thickening in the water anhydrous and emulsion system

6.High adaptability to formula, convenient for using in different products

7.It can be produced in transparent

Package: Packed in 50kg plastic barrel, special package is provided according to client’s requirements.


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