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Silicone emulsion CONTSIL-1899

CONTSIL-1899 is a kind of silicone oil emulsion with several silicone oils, and the viscosity of dimethyl silicone oil reaches 5 million centipoise, it also contains cation modified silicone oil, is a kind of organic silicone oil conditioner with high performance and can be used for producing various 2-in-1 shampoos, hair conditioners and bath foams. It features the properties of high viscosity silicone oil, excellent compatibility and film formation property, and can make hair manageable and silky since it contains cation silicone oil. CONTSIL-1899 boasts advanced technology and shows the developing trend of emulsified silicone oil, and is special for personal care.

Dosage: 3-5% of total amount of product

Technical Indices:

Appearance: cream white to light yellow viscous emulsion

Viscosity: >200000 centipoise (25)

Silicone oil grain size: 1-50 micron

PH value: 4-6

Solid content: 50±2%


1.Big grain size silicone oil, excellent spreadability and opsonic nature

2.High compatibility with anion surface active agent. It can be used for shampoo and bath foam

3.cation silicone oil can make hair silky and manageable, and boost the luster of hair

4.Improve the dry and wet combining property of hair

5.Relieve unmanageable hair

Package: Packed in 50kg or 100kg plastic barre.


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