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CONTSIL-1403 is a skin & hair care product, which contains a variety of silicon oils, including super-low silicone oil, amino silicone oil and high-viscosity silicone oil. The product is used in hair conditioners, hair oils and skin care products, which can improve the gloss, softness and smoothness for skin and hair.

CONTSIL-1403 contains the silicone of higher smoothing effect, which can provide better gloss, softness and smoothness for skin and hair.


3-8% of total weight of hair conditioner          

             3-5% of total weight of skin care product          

           25-65% of total weight of hair oil

Test Indices:

Appearance:               Colorless Clear liquid

Viscosity:                 3000-5000Pa•S(25)

Refractive index(η26D): 1.39-1.40           

Relative densityd20­4):   0.95-0.97         


1.Contain volatile silicone oil, non greasy after use.

2.Excellent adhesive property, even extension.

3.Excellent smoothness

4.Excellent softness

5.Low viscosity, easy emulsifying, convenient for using for different products

Package: Packed in 50kg or 100kg plastic barrel, special package is provided according to client’s requirements.


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